Quantum Leap Mastermind

with Lauren Ciesco & Jen Navaro

I'm ready to join the Quantum Leap Mastermind!

This mastermind is unlike any other coaching container you've ever experienced.


Are you ready for a Quantum Leap, a recalibration to your Truth?


It’s not about you becoming somebody different, it’s about seeing that your next level, your future self, is already inside of you now.


This is the Mastermind that will teach you how to connect to the power inside you so you can embody your Truth, lead yourself and lead others.


You crave the conversations that shift you to your soul, break you free from your mind and calibrate you to a new level of wealth you never thought possible. 


You’re ready to evolve, expand and grow in your business. 


You want a tribe of like-minded women who are on the same journey as you and are ready to cry, laugh, transform and come unraveled beside you.


This is the Mastermind that is going to teach you how to break all the rules and the conditioning that have taken the fun and flow out of your business.


This is for the woman who is ready to show the fuck up and truly be seen.


Your next level is already inside of you.


Are you ready to calibrate to her now?

I'm ready to calibrate

The Results


Double your monthly income in 3 months  
Double the coaching
Double the mind-blowing transformation
Double your free time.
Double your fun.



The Quantum Leap Mastermind is a calibration portal.  

Being an ambitious soul aligned coach - you're in it for the long haul. 

You're dedicated to creating the business of your dreams and you're committed to doing whatever it takes to manifest your vision into reality.

This vessel of 12 ambitious, soul aligned coaches is the space for all of us to rise in our wealth, abundance and service living into the truth of who we are.

Each week we will meet to coach, learn and embody our highest frequencies for the expansion of our collective...

and in the days between our calls we will connect powerfully in Voxer to support, reflect and coach each other to hold our vibrations high as we Quantum Leap together in our businesses.   

The Details


12 Soul Aligned Coaches + Lauren Ciesco and Jen Navaro

Three months of daily support, coaching, and transformation not only coming from Lauren and Jen, but from each of the 11 elite coaches beside you

May 26, 2021 will be our welcome call where our portal opens and our time together begins. Exact time TBA.

Twelve 60-90 minute calls that will be held at the same time every week accommodating all timezones from PST to Europe over the three months we are together 

Group Voxer for our daily calibration, high level conversation and moment to moment coaching with your soul tribe on the same journey

Community Hub that will house our materials, announcements and shares

We are happy to offer the following payment options:

Three payments of $2963
One Payment of $8K

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to either of us!

With love,
Lauren & Jen


*This mastermind is a commitment to yourself and your expansion. There are no refunds after purchase and registering with a payment plan requires full fulfillment of the plan.