Quantum Leap Mastermind

with Lauren Ciesco & Jen Navaro

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Coach to CEO Mastermind

Turn your spiritual gifts into a sustainable business


You freakin' love it.  Coaching... helping people transform their lives by getting out of their own way, it's exactly what lights you up. 

It's your calling, your soul's purpose.  

You can't imagine another career that would feel this fulfilling. 

It's what you do... it's who you are... and it feels easy...

But what doesn't feel easy is the business part.

Entrepreneurship feels lonely when the people around you aren't building businesses experiencing the growing pains you are. 

And, it's really tempting to just put it off another day when you're doing it all by yourself.



We know that as a spiritual coach, typical business and marketing strategies feel like you're squeezing yourself into a box that isn't meant for you.

It often feels that there's something missing.

On top of that, you can have all of the strategies, and formulas in the world but let's be honest, the algorithms, hottest apps and latest trends are always going to be changing - and it's not predictable. 

There is no security in any one strategy.

But what is secure and creates sustainable growth in your business is: 

1) Learning to trust yourself and use your inner guidance to stand out to your audience, always.

2) Learning how to be the CEO who knows how to run a profitable, sustainable coaching business.

3) Finding the business strategy and structure that works best for you and the clients you want to serve.


You've already invested in programs that cover business and strategy, yet you've found yourself here with us -- still searching for answers.

So we know you haven't found what works for you that creates the consistent income you want yet.

The missing piece, which makes this mastermind different from other programs, is that we're teaching you how to tap into your Inner Guidance and self trust to be able to take action that actually create results. 

When this piece becomes tangible to you instead of simply an idea you wish you could implement, things begin to flow and you stop second guessing yourself. 

You free up time that you used to waste over thinking. 

You make decisions that you trust, which you follow through on, that lead to the results you want in a sustainable way.

This is the mastermind you've been looking for, a true mastermind where business and spirituality come together to make your spiritual gifts and your super powers work for you, so that you can work in a way that lights you up and doesn't drain you. 

You've got one quarter left in 2021, there's still time for your business to end this year the way you originally intended.  We know nothing is as painful as staying the same when you desire more. 

Apply today if you're done dabbling, it's time to go from Coach to CEO.  This is the mastermind where you belong.

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Becoming the Spiritual CEO

The 3 fundamentals of your energetically sound coaching business. 

TRUST yourself and develop your connection to your INner guidance


You hear it all the time "to start making more money you just need to trust yourself more" ... but have you learned a process to deepen and develop TRUST? 

In fundamental 1, The IN Factor, we give you the tools and processes to get you to utilize your  intuition, soul consciousness, and energetics in a way that advances your business.  We take you beyond the  limitations of the mind... beyond psychology and mindset, straight to energetics and source consciousness.  

This is the fundamental that unleashes your IT Factor, the thing that magnetizes your soul aligned clients to you.

You'll no longer ask, "but how do I do it?" you'll know that by tapping into your inner guidance and taking aligned action from confident knowing - is the answer.

Get ready to take ownership of your zone of genius, become the authority of your business and coach your clients at your next level.


Be the authority of your business and take ownership of your identity as an entrepreneur


Who you see yourself as in your business creates your business results. 

What's required to jump into your next level income and client growth is shifting into the identity of the Sovereign CEO.  

You already see yourself as a coach, but owning the identity of a coach is not enough.  The process we take you through in Fundamental 2 will shift your paradigms around money, leadership, decisiveness and communication. 

As your self concept changes you'll experience confidence in making decisions that are right for you and your business.  Your ability to lead yourself and your clients comes from dropping the employee identity to embodying the CEO identity. 

As a coach who gains full authority over her business you shift from wondering am I doing this right?  To: Any decision I make for my business is the right decision.


Activate and Implement your Younique Business Strategy


Your business is an extension of you and your unique essence.  The way you run your business, and the way people experience your magic should reflect that. 

In Fundamental 3 you'll energetically align to your niche, and offer(s) by connecting with your inner guidance.  From there, you'll confidently show up and articulate what you do in an activated and authentic way.

The business strategy you've decided to implement should give you and your business  endless amounts of energy, not zap you of it.  If you're feeling exhausted and burnt out by the way you're trying to grow your business, you haven't found your Younique Business Strategy yet.

In the Coach to CEO Mastermind, you'll learn the feminine energy sales strategy that's tripled our masterminders' client counts without feeling, pushy or desperate on consultation calls or when sharing your offers.

You'll build energetically sound containers for your clients to feel safe and supported to buy from you, and you'll create the the business structure that gives you room to flow sustainably.

Coach to CEO Success Stories

Jennie Juechter

Before Jennie started the MM she was at a low in her business. Her main goal when she joined was to feel alive, and re-connected to her business.  She also wanted to be in the energy of fellow entrepreneurs.  By the end of the three months she realized she’d created so much more than she thought she would. Not only did she feel alive again-  she had expanded her capacity to feel the whole spectrum of emotions and keep moving forward as the Sovereign CEO.

What blew us away was that she 5X’d her investment in ½ the time [that she had with other prior investments] bringing in $28,996 in three months!  The best part is that she did this while having her kids at home full time.

Jill Rosenau

Through the Coach to CEO MM, Jill was introduced to manifestation and was able to make it work with her Christian belief system. 

She powerfully stepped into her identity as a leader, opening up challenging conversations leaving her comfort zone behind.  Now she has people telling her that her energy is different and she’s much more confident. 

By showing up to her business as the Sovereign CEO, she tripled her client count within the three months.  By September 2021, she’d already tripled her income from all of 2020 and there are still three months left to go.  Prior to joining the mastermind, Jill had signed one client from December to April and now, she’s going into her fourth consistent month of signing clients.

Shonda Howard

Shonda doubled what she made in all of 2020 in the 3 months she was in the Mastermind. The funny thing is she almost didn’t join the Mastermind.  She was telling herself that she couldn’t grow her business while growing a baby (7 months pregnant!) and taking care of her family. She almost let this thought stop her, but she  decided she didn’t want that to be her story. 

 Over the three months inside the Coach to CEO Mastermind Shonda learned to let go of obsessing over the how, and realized that it’s about connecting deeper into herself, her inner knowing and building inner trust while following her Younique Business Strategy. Once she followed the Quantum Leap Process her results exploded and she tripled her client count.  She hit the highest income month of her coaching business, exceeded her client goal for the mastermind, and now has a new story to tell.

Kira Taylor

When Kira started in the MM she felt lost in her business and wanted to “crawl out of her skin” [her words!].  She had been following the advice of other coaches who’d told her “spirituality won’t sell” denying her Truth and desire to run an energy healing and coaching practice.  

 While in the mastermind Kira connected to her inner guidance and developed the confidence to own who she really is.  She received a download where she got the clarity around her niche and her offer that she’d been searching for, since starting her business a year ago.  Doing the work on her IN Factor resulted in this powerful identity shift from feeling discouraged and lost to owning her power as a Spiritual Business Coach.  Through this Quantum Leap, she now has the confidence to charge double what she was charging for her private coaching package.



The Coach to CEO Mastermind is an immersive EXPERIENCE. 

 We meet weekly for 12 LIVE calls to teach, coach and calibrate. 

New to this round, we've added an Expert Speaker Series with strategic + energetic experts in addition to our 12 calls together.


Between calls, magic happens in the group Voxer chat where the support in our container is unmatched.


You have to Jen & Lauren PLUS 14 elite coaches ready to coach you on the spot.  

Mind drama has no chance in our circle and powerful shifts happen everyday - not just during our live calls.


You get to lean on this solid backbone of support while making courageous moves for your business beyond your comfort zone. 

What everyone wants is for you to receive all that you need and desire from each stage of transformation

Information > implementation > integration, and we are all here to support you.

The vibe is about stepping into your next level as a coach and as a CEO -- now.

The Details


15 Soul Aligned Coaches + Lauren Ciesco and Jen Navaro

Three months of daily support, coaching, and transformation not only coming from Lauren and Jen, but from each of the 14 elite coaches beside you

November 10, 2021 Official start date

Twelve 90 minute calls that will be held at the same time every week accommodating all timezones from PST to Europe over the three months we are together. Weekly meetings are on Wednesday's at 2:00ET/1:00CT/11:00PT.

Group Voxer for our daily calibration, high level conversation, moment to moment coaching + support

Community Hub that will house our materials, announcements and shares

Expert Speaker Series bonus calls dropped in along our transformational journey together 

We’ve laid the groundwork for you to turn your spiritual gifts into a sustainable coaching business

via the 3 Fundamentals of the Coach to CEO Process:

1) Cultivate your IN Factor

2) Become the Sovereign CEO

3) Activate your Younique Business Strategy

The combination of what we offer is unparalleled in the coaching industry.  The C2CMM is where you receive double the coaching and create exponential results.


Lauren Ciesco, sales + money coach specializes in releasing you from the unconscious coding and emotional blocks keeping you stuck and growing slowly in your business.  She teaches you how to sell effortlessly, making you a magnet for money and clients.


Jen Navaro, alignment + embodiment coach specializes in activating your next level frequency  so that you can embody your future self NOW.  She teaches you how to stand out and communicate clearly, and confidently.  You show up in your Fame Frequency through your messaging as you master your energetics and intuition.


One last thing... 

Okay, it's probably safe to say that if you're still reading this that there's something inside of you that is drawn to us for a reason.

We're also guessing that there's a part of you that is freaking out about investing.  

We want to help you follow your intuition because for so many of our clients it’s been the biggest breakthrough in their businesses. 


So to put your mind at ease…


Here's what we do know:

We've both invested over $100,000 in our businesses, 

and we've also have made multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Learning to invest in yourself and your business is going from the coach to the CEO.  

This is the first step, learning how to become the CEO and take action as the leader you know you’re meant to be.

To us, this is a no brainer for you to join because from this $8,000 investment you're going to learn how to make your money back,

maybe even 5X your investment like they did in the last round.


What you're going to walk away with is not only making your money back, but becoming the version of yourself that knows how to continually make the $8000 over and over and over and over again.  

This is how you create consistency and build your business in a sustainable way.

Are you ready?  Apply today and gain instant access when we invite you to join.


I'm ready to apply NOW!

If you have any questions, please email [email protected] or [email protected] 

With love,
Lauren & Jen


*Being accepted into this mastermind is a commitment to your business and personal growth. There are no refunds after payment(s) made and registering with a payment plan requires full fulfillment of the plan.