Do consult calls make you feel like a creep? 


Icky, needy, graspy?  Like you’re out on a first date with someone you really really like and you really really want them to like you back but you’re too nervous to actually say anything interesting or funny so you just sit there and smile? 


I know the feeling.  I used to have this fully body dread before calls because I was approaching them from this idea that it was this client or bust, that there were only a few people out there who actually wanted my service so I better make it count, and that if I didn’t land this client, it’d be weeks before I could get on the phone with someone else. 


What I didn’t realize is that this was the exact energy that was turning people off.  


But it was all I knew.  


Every successful coach that I had ever talked to (or paid a lot of money to work with) told me that that was the way it had to be.  There was never any mention (ever!) that there could be another way.  


But I want you to know that there is.  


In fact, I haven’t dreaded a consult call in a very long time.  These days I actually look forward to them because they’re just another opportunity to talk about how much I love this work (and I really, really love this work).  


Are you curious about this other way?  


The way that has the capacity to make you feel warm and fuzzy before getting on a call and that has you looking forward to the next one because you know it’s a chance to change another life and help someone expand into their truth? 




Ok, so let’s play a game for a moment : Imagine how you feel about getting on a consult call now.  I’m going to guess that it feels like some combination of this : 

  • Dread / anxiety 
  • Rehearsing the script you’ve been told you had to use 
  • Heart beating out of your throat and sweaty palms 
  • A heaviness that you just can’t describe
  • A desire for the internet to go out at the exact moment of your call (coupled with fear that it actually will and you won’t even get a chance to show up) 
  • A knowing that it’s not just the call but that you’re gonna have to chase them down in the days after 


Now let’s talk about what it could actually look like.  There are no magic tricks to this (even though it kind of feels like magic once you get it).  It’s not only for coaches or only for people who get it or who’ve been in the industry for years.  


You can literally feel like this (about your next call) today : 

  • Joy
  • Excitement to share (like the kind you feel when you can’t wait to tell your bestie about the vacation you just got back from) 
  • Planting seeds
  • A lightness in your body 
  • Maybe you even forget that you have a call later (not because you don’t care but because you know in your bones that you’re going to show up and rock it so it doesn’t require your energy earlier in the day) 
  • Freely planning the rest of your week because you know you made an impact and they’ll reach out when it’s the best fit for them 


Which way sounds like it would be more fun and more sustainable in the long run for you and your business? 


If you picked the second one I want to invite you to take a peek at Be You & Sell.  


This course will show you how to ditch the script.

To stop rehearsing lines.

To forget about memorizing what to say for which objections. 

It will show you how to show up as YOU and sell in a way where some days you won’t even need a consult call, those requests to work with you will just show up in your inbox (I promise it can happen like this).  


You ready?  


Can’t wait to see you inside. 


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